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Imperium Henna

Imperium Henna is a long lasting and easy to use eyebrow tinting product that is created by experts for professionals.

Based on pure henna leafs and the best hair dye coloring ingredients (no redness)

Pure henna is green and displays a red color. Therefore, eyebrow henna is not 100% natural because there is always dye added to the henna to produce a brown/ashy color.

Henna comes from the henna bush (Lawsonia inermis). This bush is originally from North Africa, the Middle East and India. Perfume is also made from the flowers, and the dye that comes from the green leaves is used for henna paint.

Imperium henna contains zero harsh chemicals like ammonia, lead or hydrogen peroxide and is not harmful to your skin.

Imperium Henna colors the hair and the skin. The stain stays on the skin up to 14 days (depending on skin type and eyebrow aftercare).

The visibility in the brow hairs can lasts up to 8 weeks. This allows you to enjoy your tinted eyebrows longer and make-up is unnecessary.

Training Imperium Henna

Become the best in eyebrows!​

Have you always wanted to become a real brow queen?

You’re in luck! With the courses given by imperium henna trainers you will be a professional in no time! We would be glad to look at pictures of your models, give feedback and answer your questions. We want our course members to be able to work professionally and make power brows!

Create your own success story with Imperium henna and create the most beautiful brows! We are building an empire together to give the world the most fabulous perfect brows!”